Do you have issues around food, your body or your weight?

Many of us have tried diet after diet after diet. We could possibly write our own book on diets at this stage. So this begs the question.....

Does dieting work?  The evidence clearly suggests - No. 

How we do know this?

Because if it was that simple there would be one diet we could all follow it, loose the weight we want and not put it back on again. We all know what healthy eating is so but experience tells us it's just not that simple. Which leads us to another question:

Why don’t all these diets work and and why cant people keep the weight off for good?

Answer: Because we are tackling the problem on the wrong level!

The food and weight are the symptom and not the cause. As long as you tackle any problem on just the level of the symptom you will always be tackling it. If you want to have a permanent long lasting change you have to go directly to the cause. That is where the change has to happen. Once you change the cause a lot of the symptoms begin to take care of themselves and weight-loss becomes a more effortless process – you no longer need to rely on willpower.

We will assist you in going straight to the cause which will allow you to understand why you are either having difficulty in loosing weight or keeping it off. With this new awareness and insight you will be able to release any unwanted weight in a new empowered approach and keep it off for good. 

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