Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling or Psychotherapy can be of significant benefit to anyone facing life's challenges or suffering from symptoms that are affecting their quality of life. 

Counselling usually refers to a shorter term and focuses mainly on behaviour patterns or recent difficulties or events that have occured.  The counsellor will help the person to explore and overcome the difficult situation/event or feelings that they are encountering and find a path to a more contented life.       

Psychotherapy is a more in-depth approach that is more appropriate for longer-term problems and difficulties that are repetitive in nature.

In Psychotherapy, the focus is both on addressing immediate difficulties and also on uncovering background issues that tend to lead the person to persistently encounter problems in their life.  Certain types of anxiety and depression, persistently failing relationships, ongoing difficulties of a sexual nature, obsessions and inhibitions, and other ongoing difficulties are best addressed through psychotherapy.

Sometimes such difficulties are new to the person; sometimes they may have been ongoing for months or even years. While many people now realise quite early the value of speaking to a trained psychotherapist or counsellor, others may take longer to come to this realisation.  


Confidentiality is a central and integral part of the process. At Armoin we provide a safe and secure environment. We aim to provide a comprehensive and skilled counselling and psychotherapy service, committed to the highest degree of integrity, confidentiality, ethical practice and care for clients.   This policy of confidentiality ensures that any individual attending counselling can freely discuss the most sensitive of issues in a protective and caring environment, safe in the knowledge that his or her identity and issues will not be divulged.      Client records and all documentation in relation to clients are coded using a reference number so that their identity remains confidential.    No information, written or verbal, will be disclosed to a third party without the client's written permission.