Caoimhe Harrison

Caoimhe Harrison 

  • Master Practitioner for Eating Disorders & All Food, Body and Weight Issues (British Psychological Society)
  • BA (Hons) Degree Counselling & Psychotherapy 
  • Diploma in Health Studies
  • EFT Practitioner

I specialise in working with individuals who have an eating disorder or any food, body, weight issues. My passion comes from my own personal experience with an unhealthy relationship with food. For years I struggled with my relationship with food. It affected every part of my life including how I felt towards myself.  On some level I knew trying diet after diet after diet was not going to give me the change I wanted. My experience left me with a longing to really understand the mindset and psychology of eating disorders and also individuals who have a constant preoccupation around food and dieting. I decided to specialise in this area and went to London to complete a Master Practitioner course for eating disorders (and all food/body weight issues) which is affiliated through the British Psychological Society. 

 From my studies and personal experience I eventually realised that my habits and behaviours around food and eating were a direct result of my mindset. I was also using food for many reasons other than physical hunger. When I began looking at and working on my relationship with food I was finally able to achieve the changes I desired so much and it was a permanent change. This had such a positive impact not only on my body but on my life and how I felt every day. I was able to completely abandon dieting for good and I feel great for it

From my years of studying and working in this field and applying what I have learnt, I have now developed a programme to help individuals to address the issue on the level where a real and permanent change is possible.  

I offer individual therapy, group therapy and support services for parents/ family members. I hold regular talks, workshops, in-house and online programmes around our relationship with food, healthy body image and self-esteem.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any of this further.

Caoimhe Harrison

Ph: 087 464 0742